Based in Portland, Oregon, Portland Soundcheck believes in music and its ability to inspire and connect people from all walks of life through music.

Portland (PDX) Soundcheck brings the magic back to live entertainment by connecting you with the artist. Our music festivals support and elevate local, Portland-based musicians across all genres delivered on one stage in a style only Portland could offer.


Where It All Started

PDX Soundcheck emerged from cafe conversations between friends at a coffee shop in the heart of NE Portland. These early discussions focused on uniting like-minded artists, no matter the genre, to support and grow music from the Northwest.

With this vision for the future, PDX Soundcheck succeeded by gathering musicians who came together to create synergy and to perform on one local stage. It's an expression offering excitement, community, and creativity delivered with a scintillating dose of Portland flair.

When PDX Soundcheck's first show was a rousing success, a second show soon turned into a third. Back by popular demand, PDX Soundcheck has grown to offer multiple live shows with more lineups scheduled for the future.


Portland Culture Meets Music

The Portland music scene and local culture offers a unique experience you won't find anywhere else. Portland is known for being colorful and weird while offering the friendliest people you'll ever meet. No matter who you are, you're welcome here.

Portland put itself on the map as a mecca for great coffee and trendy hipster styles. We bike more than we drive, we drink local beer on tap, and we prefer organic, free-range food from local farmers. People all over the world are flocking to see this magical land flowing with tacos, beer, world-renowned airport carpeting, and the great outdoors.

Portland music offers excitement with a cool, trendy vibe, unlike anything you'll find in typical leading musical cities such as L.A. or Nashville or Austin. In fact, Portland is becoming known as a city creating and supporting top upcoming musical talent. The friendly northwest vibe of adventure and love for all things local, bleeds into the rising entertainment and music scene gaining national attention.

PDX Soundcheck wants locals and the world to experience the uniqueness of Northwest musicians for themselves. With this in mind, we've created live events to showcase a range of musical styles so you won't miss a beat.


A Local Musical Experience Just For You

In one jam-packed evening, you'll be swept on a tour of the Rose City's very own musical talent. You'll move to the beat of various styles ranging from rock and roll to hip-hop, acoustic-folk, indie, soul, jazz, blues, and much more.

Each PDX Soundcheck event presents not just one, but an eclectic group of five to eight handpicked singers, songwriters, and musicians.

You'll enjoy local, homegrown talent you love while discovering new music and artists rising to the top after being featured on “The Voice”, “American Idol”, and “MTV”. Each show offers a live, electric experience delivered from the stage to your seat at intimate and iconic venues like Aladdin Theater, Alberta Rose and others.


Join Us LIVE

We're thrilled to connect you with local artists from your own backyard at each live event. At the end of each show, our goal is to unite the artists and audience as it becomes one big celebration.